The oldest settlement in the heart of Arcadia (7th century AD.) In Gortinias province, built at an altitude of 1000 m. it spreads on two facing hills. The name of Dimitsana is a true legend both for its history and for its contribution to the nation during the revolution of 1821.

Located on the ancient city Tefthida from which sections of a wall and medieval remains can be seen, as the town flourished until the period of the Turkish domination.

Dimitsana has been declared a preserved traditional settlement and is one of the most beautiful parts of the Peloponnese, with a view of the open lowland of Megalopolis, the stunning gorge and the valley of Lucius river and up to the snowy top of Taigetos mountain.

From 1764 the Hieratic Faculty functioned there contributing greatly to the awakening of the nation. One of the students was Patriarch Gregory V whose house was renovated in 1991 and which hosts the Ecclesiastical Museum.

Throughout the period of the Greek Revolution, Dimitsana was the main supply center for gunpowder. Theodor Kolokotronis wrote about this: "Gunpowder we had,  Dimitsana made it. The gunpowder case was taken over from the Spiliotopoulos brothers and in order to work the gunpowder we were bringing Dimitsanites (people from Dimitsana) to the camp." This legendary tradition stopped not many years ago.

Furthermore Germanos of Old Patras was from Dimitsana and his house is going to be restored. Also the house of Spiliotopoulos brothers who worked 14 gunpowder mills is under preservation.